Maizzy is a leading modest wear brand. Since its launch in 2012, it has put its customers first and has been determined to create modest wear that meets the needs of modern Muslim women.
Our dedication to design, cut, fabric, colour and finish ensure that our customers get the quality they seek and the look they want. Our designers understand today’s Muslim women and are continually updating and extending the collection.
We are committed to producing elegant and stylish clothes that suit every occasion. We listen to our customers and make sure that Maizzy provides them with fashionable modest wear. We benchmark our quality and finish against the best designer brands and keep on-trend with the latest colours and fashion looks.
Our range includes abayas, dresses, skirts and scarves as well as a collection of coveted perfumes. All our clothes are designed to meet all our customers’ wardrobe needs from work, leisure to special occasions. For the more fashion-conscious customers, we offer modest wear with the latest season’s lively styles and colours.
We produce each item to the highest ethical standards and quality. Maizzy believes that modest clothing should be easy to wear and feel as good to wear as it looks.
As we continue to develop our collection we will always combine a contemporary look with classic elegance to give our customers the wardrobe they deserve. This is why our customers can buy Maizzy with confidence and satisfaction.

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